Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Is Cookie Baking Day

My son Teddy is in a Christian fraternity at the University of Michigan (Phi Alpha Kappa), and this year when I sent him off to college I gave him a cookie jar with the promise that I would keep it filled. Teddy usually comes home for a quick family meal on Sundays, which means that Saturday is cookie baking day at our house.

Today I decided to make my mom's Raisin Filled Cookies, which are one of our family favorites. These are a little like Fig Newtons, but are much yummier! Here's a picture of the cookies fresh from the oven!

So, because I made these cookies today, I decided that I'll share this recipe with you in my upcoming podcast, rather than the recipe containing apples. I do promise that I'll share my apple recipe next, because it is apple season here in Michigan, and the trees are laden with Honey Crisp apples (my very favorite!).

Podcast recording is underway, and I plan to make it available on September 30!


  1. Hi Ruthann, Just wanted to let you know I loved your first podcast and can't wait for the next one, especially the recipe for these yummy looking cookies. Keep up the great work, Michelle in Australia

  2. The cookies look lovely. Could you use any dried fruit like apricots, prunes, or dried cranberries? It looks like the prefect breakfast cookie. And what about nuts for protein? Just started listening to your podcast, love the way you have it set up. I savor each section. Love your bumpers.
    You may be getting comments on your earlier posts, I have to start at the beginning. Nothing like Christmas in Sept. Mary NW Houston