Saturday, January 8, 2011

Podcast 20 - "A Single Step"

Total length of this podcast: 29:56

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My Surgery Update
While I'm recovering quite well physically, I've had a few memory problems stemming from undergoing general anesthesia. Have you had memory loss after undergoing general anesthesia? You are not alone! CLICK HERE for information.

Craftication in San Diego!
The full moon setting over my sister's swimming pool.

The guest house on my sister's estate

A photo taken at Balboa Park --
I love how you can see the spiral staircase in the steeple.

Huzzah! Teddy is now a knitter!
A cowl and hat he made for his room mate,
the green scarf he made as a surprise for me, and a really cool "sunflower" hat
 Here's a close-up of the sunflower hat. I love the detail.

Teddy's knitting has inspired me to begin knitting again. 
I've gone crazy for hats! I'm donating several of these to charity. 
The blue and yellow was my first -- I since learned to do a rib stitch 
at the bottom because stockinette rolls.


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And remember . . .
every adventure begins
with a single step.