Saturday, January 8, 2011

Podcast 20 - "A Single Step"

Total length of this podcast: 29:56

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My Surgery Update
While I'm recovering quite well physically, I've had a few memory problems stemming from undergoing general anesthesia. Have you had memory loss after undergoing general anesthesia? You are not alone! CLICK HERE for information.

Craftication in San Diego!
The full moon setting over my sister's swimming pool.

The guest house on my sister's estate

A photo taken at Balboa Park --
I love how you can see the spiral staircase in the steeple.

Huzzah! Teddy is now a knitter!
A cowl and hat he made for his room mate,
the green scarf he made as a surprise for me, and a really cool "sunflower" hat
 Here's a close-up of the sunflower hat. I love the detail.

Teddy's knitting has inspired me to begin knitting again. 
I've gone crazy for hats! I'm donating several of these to charity. 
The blue and yellow was my first -- I since learned to do a rib stitch 
at the bottom because stockinette rolls.


Click the image below to open the next of my Audubon redwork series, the White-Throated Sparrow.

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And remember . . .
every adventure begins
with a single step.


  1. I have hoped you were doing ok. I've missed your podcast because it is just one of my absolute favorites. It seems like any big surgery takes so much longer to recover from than you expect, but I hope that any memory or other issues resolve and you get to feeling back to normal soon.

  2. Hi there Ruthann - SUPER JOB and I'm so glad I inspired you - I truly am, I've missed the Ted and Teddy stories and missed the stories about your sisters and your full moon parties (what a riot you all are)..I miss your intro music and your amazing talent.
    Bliss this is...You're back!

  3. Hello Ruthann
    I found your blog because I do love Alice too! I almost played every game on your site (sleepless in Switzerland ;-)
    But I will surely come back and visit again your beautiful creations.
    Kind regards

  4. Glad you were able to come back and take a single step. I am sorry you felt that you lost your creativity for so long - what a bummer - to not feel creative, that must have been horrible!

    What a wonderful gift from your son, the gift of inspiration, and admiration, and something that is just so sweet and thoughtful! Wonder where he gets some of that from? :)

  5. Ruthann, I'm glad you're back and feeling more yourself.

    And that sunflower hat would almost inspire me to knit! And I hate knitting!

  6. I found for myself when I am in a funk that doing something "creative, crafty, quilting" gets me out of the funk. Creativity is a muscle and as with most muscle you use it or loose it. That said creativity takes many forms... being able to work in a zoo/ office is creative. Being able to bring warmth and understanding to an upset soul is creative.

    I have enjoyed your podcast in the past and am happy to hear your pod-casting again.

  7. Just want to say... GO BLUE... I live in Lapeer and love all your references to Michigan.

    Have you checked out MICHIGAN QUILTS AT

    I think you would love that blog

    Nonnie... Grad from MERCY COLLEGE OF DETROIT... now UofD-MERCY.
    Nonnie's Quilting Dreams
    Pod cast about quilting, life, rants and raves

  8. So glad you're back! You're my favorite podcaster. I see you're keeping a list of fellow podcasters - you might want to check out Mark Lipinski's "Creative Mojo" on Toginet. I get a lot of inspiration from him and his guests. He should feature you!

    Thanks so much for another beautiful redwork pattern.

    Wishing you continued recovery physically and creatively.

  9. I was very glad to see a new podcast from you pop up. Thanks for taking the time. Any format is fine! You don't have to do projects. Talking about your life is fine. I just hope we can inspire you to restart your creativity when the time is right since you have inspired me (and so many others, I am sure) with your fabulous projects. Thanks!

  10. We are all so glad to see you back with a podcast and feeling better! Don't overdo on your projects because that will just sap the fun out for you. Love your photos and stories, jill953