Sunday, February 6, 2011

And With February Came CREATIVITY!

February is usually my least favorite month of the year, and I've often been thankful that it is the shortest.

Interestingly, this February dawned with a spark of the creative flame I've been missing since June.

Just this week I've completed two quilt tops and a skirt.

Here is the first quilt top, which is called "Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier," and is dedicated to my Great-great Grandfather, John Emsch, who served and died in the American Civil War. I will offer this quilt pattern and a story (and one or two songs) in my April podcast.

My "little sister" Patsy (who is actually older, but is tinier than I am, hence "little") is quilting both of the tops I completed this week. Her neighbor, Deb, has a longarm machine that she allows Patsy to use -- wouldn't you like a neighbor like that?!?

I haven't taken a photo of the second top I completed yet -- maybe I'll take one before I send it to Patsy. I bought the fabric a year ago and when I was cleaning my sewing room this week I discovered the shopping bag! It was like a little gift! I had forgotten all about it. The fabric is called Folklorica, and was designed by noted children's book illustrator Julie Pachkis. I adored this fabric and couldn't stop myself from buying every fabric in the line. The quilt top I made (my original design) is fairly straightforward, and features the various fabrics. Yes, I promise to take a photo to share! Sadly, the line is no longer available. [Insert sad face!]

Anyway, I wanted to share with everyone that somehow, this bleakest of winter months (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) has sparked just a bit of creativity in my soul!


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  1. Did I hear someone say "April podcast"? Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.....can't wait :)

    Chester NY