Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Eggs

Today Ted the Younger and I colored Easter eggs. Normally one uses white eggs and egg dye tablets. We buy our eggs from a local farmer, so all we had on hand today were brown eggs, and I worried that they might not take the dye well.

Teddy reminded me that we had good success last year using McCormick food color dyes, so I didn't buy dye tablets.

And here are our fabulous eggs! I think they turned out quite well. The brown eggs took the food color dye well and are very intensely colored.

How did your eggs turn out?

Aiea (aka 'thann, aka Ruthann)

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  1. Our eggs turned out pretty well too. We just used the tablets. I bought some last year that we didn't use. One of my eggs broke when I was boiling them! That always seems to happen to me. Any tips on boiling eggs? I know it is such a basic skill. I cook all kinds of complicated dishes and screw up boiling eggs!!