Saturday, May 15, 2010

Podcast 016 - Wonderful Babies! And My Report of the Ricky Tims Super Quilt Seminar

Total length of this podcast: 1:06

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The bumper music for this podcast is Brahms Lullaby, in keeping with my theme of Babies.

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Here's a little slide show of my trip to Shipshewana and the Ricky Tims Super Quilt Seminar, in case you missed it last week.
Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Super Seminar 2010

Shipshewana Links:
THE FIBER ARTS SEGMENT [Podcast minute marker: 14:25]

Amish Puzzle Ball (made from my Alice in Wonderland fabric available HERE from Spoonflower)

Baby bib and burp cloth made from a cloth diaper and cotton fabric

Click the image below to open the Amish Puzzle Ball project.

Click the image below to open the Baby Bib and Burp Cloth project.

THE GRAB BAG [Podcast minute marker: 19:30]
Yours Truly with Ricky Tims. I don't think I could smile any bigger if I tried!

The stage set-up. From left to right: Libby Lehman, Alex Anderson, Ricky Tims.
You can see how huge the screen is on the right side.
This was taken from my seat, so you can see how close we were!

 Ricky the night of the concert. Yes, that's a cowboy hat.
He's a Texan (now living in Colorado), complete with a drawl.

 Ricky at the piano during the concert.
It was beautifully lit, with two of his famous quilts as the background.

Ricky playing a song, and the screen showing an accompanying video.
In this case, it was the video of the studio session making the recording of the song.
He has several CDs.

CLICK HERE to see where future Ricky Tims Super Quilt Seminars will be held -- try to get to one if you can!

CLICK HERE to check out Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson on The Quilt Show.

And remember . . .
creativity isn’t a race
it’s an adventure!


  1. i LOVED your commentary on the super seminar! i've truly missed something special and hope to attend one someday!!

  2. I haven't yet listened to the podcast yet... but speaking of Ricky Tims, one of your quilts is being featured as a "Quilt of the Week" at the blog at! Congratulations!!


  3. Jane, that's so cool! This is the SECOND time one of my quilts has been Quilt of the Week (the other time was a couple of years ago, and the quilt was one of my icon quilts, Pantokrator). I love the quilt they chose -- it now hangs on the wall of my friend who had taken the photo it was based on.

  4. I'm a new listener to your podcast and a long time "Quilt Show" member. I loved your review of the seminar. When you described meeting Alex I got tears in my eyes, just as if I had met her, too. Thanks for such an inspiring podcast.

  5. Loved loved loved this podcast, and now I have to investigate getting a circle foot for my Bernina 160. I have to agree, having a design wall makes all the difference in the world.

    The baby ball with the Alice in Wonderland fabric is so cute! Love the way you fussy-cut the pictures. I sort of want one for myself.

  6. Nice slideshow - thank you for going to all the trouble.

    I will definately go to a super seminar if I get a chance!

    You're so lucky to get a picture with Ricky. What fun! Tami

  7. Hi Ruthann,
    I am a relatively new listener and haven't made it through all of your podcasts yet, but after listening to this one I am devoted! your enthusiasm and detailed information about the seminar were wonderful! I wish i could have been with you and your sis.

    I see from your link that I am missing one in California as we speak! Next time, I think. Thanks for all of your hard work on the podcast. Keep up the good work.