Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Icon Quilt: Saint Anthony of Padua

I was asked to provide something for a raffle at my church, and I decided to make a small icon quilt of Saint Anthony of Padua, the patron saint of my parish (Saint Anthony of Bellville, Michigan).

The quilt measures about 8 x 10, and is thread traced with a variety of rayon and metallic threads. This is my 14th icon quilt, many of which were commissioned by collectors throughout the United States.

I am working on my next podcast, which I promise I'll record before I head to San Diego for a couple of weeks at the end of September.



  1. Sorry not related to post! Just wanted to tell you that when you click the link to email you, it doesn't give the email address. It just opens up Microsoft Outlook. For those of us who don't use Outlook (and I don't know anyone who does at home anymore...), there's no way to get your email addy.

  2. I downloaded your podcast and listened to them during the drive from Lapeer to Grand Rapids where I attended the WESTERN MICHIGAN QUILT SHOW. I really enjoyed the various topics. I like how you organize your show notes and podcast markers. It makes it easier to follow the conversations. By the time I get home I hope to have listened to all the podcasts.

    I plan to post pictures from the quilt show on my blog. I took a lot detailed pictures of the hand and machine quilting. I am trying to learn how to machine quilt and I find that such pictures help.
    Nonnie Quilting Dreams


  3. Okay, you are my new favorite blog!!! You are so creative and this quilt is amazing! It looks like a painting! Thank you for all your posts!

    I needed a steeple for my son's church tower and googled pyramid box which brought me to your box and envelope templates. That was very helpful and you have so many clever envelopes there!

    I'll be checking in often. Keep up the good work!


  4. Hi I am new to the quilting world, but I am enamored by the idea of making icon quilts. So I am wondering what this you might have for designing and creating one of these? Are the folds in the clothing actual folding of the fabric, accent thread, or just deeper tones of similar fabric? Do you first sketch out your design? Sorry for all the questions, just really excited to learn!