Friday, October 8, 2010

"I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date"

OK, so I'm not really late, per se. I've just been off the grid.

I just returned from a fabulously recuperative vacation in not-so-sunny Southern California (Rancho Santa Fe/San Diego area) and am refreshed. I have lots of fun stories to share, and will do so in my next podcast (mid-October).

I'm thinking about revamping my podcast a bit so it's not quite so overwhelming for me to do twice a month. Looking for input, if you have any!

Meanwhile, here's a fabulous photo of the moonset (as opposed to the SUNset) that I took very early in the morning of September 22, 2010. That's my sister's pool in the foreground. Oh, but it was a fantastic and creative two weeks!


  1. I love your podcasts and you put so much work into them, that's obvious! Maybe, if you are feeling overwhelmed, you could do a paper arts segment and a culinary arts segment one time, and then the next time do a fiber arts and a grab bag. They would be shorter. Good for you, bad for us listeners! But, we would still have you around...don't want you to get burnt out!

  2. Agree with Robyn. Except the grab bag in every episode. I love your creative take on everything. You could alternate with the recipe too. You've had soo many projects in each podcast, which is amazing, but I know that I'm going to need time (as a listener) to get to all of them anyway. I do like your themed episodes, so you could just break each current podcast down into a short series of two (part 1 & part 2) or three: (for example moons: fiber arts, then moons: paper arts ...)
    Which may even allow for more different types of projects?

    Or you could keep the current flow and allow yourself more time between each episode and then each week work on preproduction of one small segment of the podcast.

    Been wanting to have you back, Ruthann!

  3. Ruthann, welcome back from your vacation. I just love love love this photo. Just gorgeous. Can't wait for your next podcast.

  4. Welcome Back,

    I recently discovered your podcast and have downloaded them to my computer and am slowly working through them. I am a fellow Michigander and have been leaving comments on your older podcast. Been to several of the shops you mentioned.

    I love your talking about your projects .... love the quilting projects since I am a quilter... Knitting projects just make me guilty because I have several half finished hats for my grandson and since I really do not like knitting or crocheting much I just feel guilty listening to all you accomplish. I listen to everything the first time I listen but then I always listen only to the project stuff on repeated listens. I fast forward through everything else. It is interesting but does not pertain much to me and my interests.

    I enjoy your work keep it up..

    Lady Rags
    aka Nonnie