Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Blast From My Past - Felt Christmas Ornaments!


I am visiting my niece in Boston next weekend to attend singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen's concert at the Wang Theater -- it is one of the last concerts in his farewell tour. (Thanks to my sister Kathy for the ticket!)

Leonard Cohen had a profound influence on my music when I discovered his music in about 1966 -- he wrote one of the first "real" songs I ever learned, "Suzanne," and also the iconic song, "Hallelujah," which can be heard on the soundtrack of "Shrek" and a LOT of other places.

I need to take a hospitality gift for my niece Amy and her husband Jesse and son Owen, so I thought of a Christmas ornament. I couldn't decide what to make, but as I looked about my studio my eyes fell on three little felt ornaments I had made for my parents' tree when I was in high school (early 1970s). These little animals are so cute and easy to make, and as far as I can recall, they were my own design.

The original animals traveled with my parents when they moved to Marco Island, Florida, and came home to me when my mom passed away in 2000. It is hard to believe they are 40+ years old! The felt is tattered in spots, and the poor elephant's rear leg must have been up against a light bulb one year, but I think that gives them character.

Here are the original felt animal ornaments.

And here are the ones I made today.
They measure about 3 x 5 inches.

If anyone is interested, I will draft the patterns and instructions!


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  1. Facebook friend Martha said that she made some similar felt ornaments at about the same time I made the original ones, so think these may have been a project in a magazine at the time!