Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Amish Doll Pattern - Any Interest???

Hey, Mirkwood Denizens!

This Christmas I designed a pattern for Amish dolls and made two as gifts. As is traditional, they are generic (no faces/no gender). The ones I made are female, so I designed dresses, aprons, and bonnets, but they could easily be male with shirts, overalls, and hats. You would have to find your own straw hat, or I could design a black felt hat for the male dolls.

Is there any interest in my sharing the pattern for the dolls? If so, please comment. They are really cute -- measure 13 inches or so, and can be sewn entirely by hand or machine (I made one each way).
Best wishes,
'thann (and I absolutely promise a Civil War-themed podcast within the next month or two -- script is written, projects are all done!)


  1. I love these dolls. Every time I go to Lancaster County, PA I think of buying enough of them in different sizes to fill a whole shelf.

  2. Hi, Heather -- I will finish drafting the pattern and post it in a week or so. The dolls are so, so cute!