Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bonus Recipe: City Chicken!

I have to apologize that there is no photo to accompany this post, but Ted The Elder and I ate the City Chicken just too fast!

City Chicken is not chicken at all, but is a wooden skewer with cubes of meat (pork, veal, and/or beef), breaded, browned, and then braised. City Chicken is often tied to Polish cooking, but I don't think it is actually of Polish origin. I remember when I was little that my best friend Donna's mom would make City Chicken, and her family is not Polish.

Over the years I have tried several recipes, and I have finally fine-tuned a recipe from my husband's family cookbook to my own taste. The recipe uses only pork (specifically center-cut pork chops) because pork is tasty and tender. So here is a link to my own "tweaked" Zaroff Family City Chicken.

Bon appetit (if I knew how to say that in Polish, I would)!

Still busy preparing for an eventual podcast inspired by my Great Great Grandfather's service in the American Civil War -- original quilt pattern plus a recipe and song included!


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