Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Podcast Update and Caramel Cake Yumminess!

Podcast preparations are coming along nicely, and it should be live Friday. This week's theme is all about our furry family, and I'm not talking about Great Uncle Horace and his hairy back! No, this time everything is centered on our cats and dogs. Should be a barkingly good time!

Today I baked a cake (from scratch, of course!). The recipe is in the current issue of The Best of America's Test Kitchen - Best Recipes and Reviews 2010. You know how much I love my subscription to Cook's Illustrated, and ATK is the same group of fine folks. The cake is on page 61 and is called Easy Caramel Cake. I haven't tried a piece yet, and because I don't really eat sweets, I made this mostly just for the love of baking. Most of it will be given away, or frozen in small portions for The Teds. Here it is!

Stay tuned for this week's podcast!



  1. OMG!!! please save me a piece!!!!!!!


  2. OH WOW, that looks to die for (or to die from? LOL) So delish looking!

  3. If you guys want to come over, there's LOTS left! (Remember, I don't really eat sweets, and most of the time there's only the two of us here...) I must say, this cake freezes exceptionally well -- no deterioration in flavor or texture. I cut it in pieces then wrapped each piece tightly in two layers of foil. To eat, just allow a piece or two to thaw at room temperature then carefully remove the foil.