Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Simple Watercolor Tutorial - Any Interest?

I just painted this watercolor of Teddy's youngest cat, Titus Andronicus. (He's playing with the ball that will be the Fiber Arts project for next podcast.)

My watercolor technique is insanely simple, so I'm thinking of providing a tutorial for the upcoming podcast, whose theme will be something like, "Pets Are People, Too." Every segment will have something to do with our furry friends.

Would you be interested in learning how I painted this watercolor? I guarantee you can do it, too, and no, it's not computer-generated. (Actually, I'm embarrassed to know that my sister Karen and my brother Jack will probably see this -- they're REAL artists, and I'm truly humbled by their work.)

So let me know in the Comments box if you'd be interested in how you can turn a photo of your favorite furry friend into a watercolor! You will need watercolor pencils and watercolor paper, and a printer would be helpful but not absolutely necessary.



  1. I absolutely would!

    I just got a set of watercolours a few months ago, but I'm not very good with them at all I'm afraid.

    Your painting is gorgeous!

  2. Annmaree, you will not believe how EASY it is! I said you'd need watercolor pencils, but regular watercolors will work, too. I'll start writing the tutorial -- it's a little more involved than my regular projects!

  3. I spent this morning clearing space on a work table in my studio/guest bedroom so I could drag out the watercolors this afternoon so your timing is impeccable! I'm always open for pointers!

  4. I would love to see how you did that. I paint, and anything that helps me in that endeavor is appreciated. Your cat is beautifully done and I you should be proud of yourself. Looking forward to some instruction. Unfortunately, I don't do iPod's.

  5. Terrific episode! Thank you ever so much for doing it.

  6. I would love to see a podcast about how you did this lovely painting of your cat. Thanks for being willing to share. Barb

  7. Barb, your wish is my command! Podcast 009 (available right now on iTunes, at PodBean, or on my blog) gives the entire tutorial, plus photos of the whole process. I hope you give it a try!