Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trying Out Some New Technology!

I'm giving some new technology a try -- a more pleasing way to view PDF files. The files are still downloadable, but look better on the blog, sort of like a magazine. What do you think? Good? Bad? Helpful? No?

I'm going to use this format for the detailed photos of my projects, in addition to the tutorials. That way I won't waste so much blog space for the step-by-step stuff. LOVE IT!

Thanks to Facebook friend Mike Fisher (a really cool instructional designer-type person). If there's new technology out there, he's the go-to guy!

So the deal is, from now on I'm going to have my projects and all of the accompanying photos in this really cool magazine-type viewer, rather than clutter up my blog with zillions of photos.

The "magazine" is still completely printable and downloadable, and that is a huge improvement when it comes to the photo series. (Before, you'd have to print out the whole blog to get the photos, and it wasn't a pretty sight.)

Take it for a spin! Click the links below to see how the Pressman's Hat project, the Beaded Sachet project, and the Beaded Sachet process photos look in the ISSUU viewer. (These projects were from Podcast 011.) You can zoom in and move from page to page like you're reading a magazine. You can also print and download the documents just like a regular PDF file. Pretty slick!

Note: Each link will open up in a new window so you don't get lost!

CLICK HERE to view the Pressman's Hat project.

CLICK HERE to view the Beaded Sachet project.

CLICK HERE to view the Beaded Sachet process photos.

Again, please give me feedback if something isn't working -- I'd hate to jump into this only to find out that the viewer isn't compatible with a particular browser or platform.

Ruthann (always looking for a better and more creative way to share information!)


  1. Love it! Thanks for the shout out. Yours looks great--I love Paper Folding stuff! Have you seen my wiki for doing that with teachers? It's at


  2. I'm neutral about it. It looks great on the blog, but I wish it would open in a separate tab or window rather than opening in the same window as your blog page. I do really like having instructions as pdfs so they can be looked at offline and so that you don't have to scroll through a lot of pictures in a post.

  3. Thank YOU, Mike -- I'm always amazed at the cool technology you find.

    Anne, I agree -- I'm going to find a way to have the link open in a new window. I prefer that, but Blogger makes me have to remember to enter the HTML by hand any time I want the image/link to open in a separate window.


  4. YAY! I found the code to have it open in a new window. I still have to code the HTML by hand, but I agree it's much better than taking over the blog, or worse yet, taking people AWAY from the blog.

  5. I like the viewer, but I think a blog needs photos to be interesting. Maybe you could put in one photo next to the "click here"? That way we might be more interested in opening up the link.