Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Michigan is known as the "Winter Wonderland," but until yesterday we hadn't had much snow to speak of this season. While we got only 8 inches of the white stuff, it's still so pretty outside. The monochromatic colors are soothing.

I took this photo of a pair of mourning doves through my living room window a couple of hours ago. I love how they are all puffed up. The mourning dove is one of my favorite birds. They mate for life, and make these really pitiful little nests out of twigs -- it's a wonder that any eggs survive! I love their mournful cooing.
EDITED:Here's another photo -- they're multiplying!



  1. What color are they?

  2. They mostly gray, but the breast is a little tan/pinkish. They're about the same size as pigeons, and are in the same family.