Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Creative Procrastination - Bonus Recipe!

Hot Pocket Sandwiches!
OK, for some reason I am diligently avoiding recording Podcast 018. Everything is ready, I just need to record! (That's on my agenda this evening when The Teds aren't home.)

We recently defrosted our chest freezer, and I discovered several boxes of puff pastry and phyllo dough hidden in its depths, and I decided to develop recipes to use them up.

Teddy loves toaster strudel, so I made my own version complete with the white icing on the top. I used up two packages of frozen blueberries that were also hidden in the depths of the freezer to make the preserves filling. They were quite yummy! And today I developed a recipe for my version of a Hot Pocket. These turned out so well that I need to run out and buy more puff pastry to try out all of the combinations that are filling my head!

CLICK HERE to download my recipe for Hot Pocket Sandwiches!

Later, 'gator! (And I do promise to record tonight!)

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