Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Podcast 018 - Summertime!

I'm back and doing a happy dance!

Total length of this podcast: 1:08:28

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You can skip to whatever segment interests you -- check the minute markers for each segment.

The bumper music for this podcast is Summertime by American composer George Gershwin.

CLICK HERE for the Folkwear Vintage Vests pattern I use to make most of Teddy's vests.
First in a series of Audubon Redwork patterns: Indigo Bunting

Click the image below to open the first of my new free Audubon Redwork Series, the Indigo Bunting. You can save or print the file from within the viewer.

Below is an art quilt I made inspired by a photo I took of an indigo bunting perched on my window sill.

THE FIBER ARTS SEGMENT [Podcast minute marker 20:36]
Water Bottle Carrier - a really easy project!

CLICK HERE to learn about Water Joe, caffeine-infused, non-flavored water -- a favorite of mine!

Click the image below to open the free Water Bottle Carrier project sheet. You can save or print the file from within the viewer.

THE PAPER ARTS SEGMENT [Podcast minute marker 30:17]
Translucent Triangle Petal Card

CLICK HERE to purchase lightweight translucent vellum from Marcos Paper in a variety of colors. I used platinum vellum for my card.

Click the image below to open the free Translucent Petal Card project sheet. You can save or print the file from within the viewer.

THE RECIPE [Podcast minute marker 39:47]
Maurice Salad, specialty of the old J.L. Hudson Department Store in Detroit, Michigan

Here is a photo of the old downtown branch of J.L. Hudson's. 

Hudson's used to sponsor the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade in downtown Detroit, and it boasted the largest US flag,
which was suspended on the side of the building. 

Sadly, after J.L. Hudson's closed, the main store was was demolished, as shown in this photo.

Click below to open the recipe for Maurice Salad. You can save or print the file from within the viewer.

THE GRAB BAG [Podcast minute marker: 52:51]
If you're interested in bariatric or the resulting reconstructive surgery, I highly recommend Barix Clinics. CLICK HERE for information. My bariatric surgeon was Dr. Jon Schram, and my reconstructive plastic surgeon was Dr. David Hing, both out of the Ypsilanti, Michigan, location.

And remember . . .
creativity isn’t a race
it’s an adventure!


  1. Yay, you're back. Can't wait to listen to the podcast!

    -debby, Chester, NY

  2. I'm looking forward to listening to the podcast, but I wanted to say welcome back!

    I love your indigo bunting, and the Maurice Salad recipe reminded me of my mom - it was her favorite salad. Then my mind wandered to the many times I ate at Hudson's with my oldest daughter who enjoyed pouring her milk out of the little pitchers they served it in. Thanks for the fun memories! (All before actually listening to the podcast.)

  3. You're awesome! I love the indigo bunting story. I get the surgery difficulties. I had a hysterectomy gone bad. After the second hospital stay to recover from the problem (2 weeks), I was down to 92 pounds. I was 6 months recovering and over a year to get the weight back. Hang in there!

    I thoroughly enjoy every bit of your podcast. Thank you so much! Tami in Denver

  4. It was good to hear from you again. You sound as though you are doing very well. The music you played was beautiful! You really should think about putting together a CD for sale.

  5. I am so glad that you are back--and back to feeling well enough that you could podcast. Hurray! jill

  6. Another great podcast. I'm a little indecisive, now that I've seen the cardinal, about whether to do the birds all in one color. I thought a bluework quilt would be nice, but the cardinal is so pretty in red.

    Congratulations on seeing the backside of your surgery. I'm 7 weeks post total hip replacement (and I'm only 48) so I know all about the issues you mentioned. My nails grew and my callouses shrank, and it took me a while to get back into a creative groove. I'm particularly interested in how the shoes work out for you. Walking is about the only exercise I can do right now, and I've seen these in the store but don't know anyone who's tried them. I hope you let us know more in a follow-up.

  7. Your story of the bunting hit home. A few years ago we had to have our dog put down due to cancer. The same day after we buried her a parakeet showed up on the fence in the backyard and took over a birdhouse there - and stayed there for over a week. I was able to get very near and took many pictures. It was very healing.

  8. Just found your place and exploring it :)

    I wanted to save the bird image, but can't find any save option when I click on it - the print option is there alright though. What am I missing?