Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cooking Day and Crochet Progress

Well the scarf is done, but I'm going to add fringe. I discovered that there's a neat yarn shop in northern Ann Arbor, and they carry the yarn I need. I'll probably go there Tuesday.

Interesting thing about using "self striping" yarn (I misidentified it as "variegated" earlier) is that when it comes time to change the skein, sometimes the next skein didn't start with the right color. I ended up unrolling the last two skeins twice to get to the right color so that the colors in my scarf flowed correctly. I think it was worth it.

Today was Major Cooking Day at our house. I baked the Apple Dumplings and made the Caramel Sauce, which is the upcoming podcast's recipe. I had to take photos and all. Ted and I will share one for dinner tonight. I also made hot wing sauce for tomorrow evening when our friend Walter will come over. The recipe replicates Buffalo Wild Wings' "Spicy Garlic Sauce." Boy, it's hot! In the oven now potatoes and carrots are roasting, and breaded thick pork chops are baking.

Teddy is off at the University of Michigan Men's Glee Club fall retreat. This is when they have intensive workshops to learn their new music. This year the Men's Glee Club is celebrating its 150th anniversary. It's the oldest organization at U of M, and is the second oldest glee club in the United States. (Harvard's is older, HOWEVER, Harvard disbanded during World War II, so I think that disqualifies them...)

I have all of the projects planned for the podcast, and I know you'll love them! (Hint: Halloween is around the corner!)



  1. Hello! you have a wonderful blog! Thank you for sharing your great tips and creativity, AND the free templates at Paper and More!!

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!!

  2. Thanks, Trina! The great thing about my podcast and blog is that it has inspired me to try new things. I have even more in store in upcoming podcasts!