Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Planning Future Projects 'n' Stuff

I've been preparing my project sheets for next week's podcast (should be up October 31), and have been thinking about future projects. My son Teddy was home for fall break this past weekend, and he is an accomplished origami artist specializing in "modular geometric origami." I asked him to be a guest artist in one of the November podcasts, and to design a project for me.

He spent all day teaching me the project he had in mind, and I totally flunked! While it's a great project, and would make a lovely Christmas tree ornament, I think it's a little too difficult at this point. So he's going to think up another project, or maybe I'll offer one that I've successfully made myself with little angst!

For your viewing pleasure, here are a couple of his modular geometric origami creations.

Five Intersecting Tetrahedra

Truncated Hexadecahedron

He may also be a featured musical guest in my December 15th podcast. He sings bass with the University of Michigan Men's Glee Club (celebrating 150 years this year!), and we often sing duets. I just have to get him home for a recording session.

Right now I'm stitching my semi-monthly Alice in Wonderland redwork for the next podcast. I'm nearly out of red floss, and I can't find my DMC floss band to make sure I get the right color. Sheesh. It's not Christmas Red, that much I know -- it's a deeper red. Well, there's a lesson for you: Make sure you save the bands from your floss and yarn in case you need to match it down the road!



  1. You have a very talented son. You are not to shabby either. Love you podcast and look forward to the next one.

  2. Thanks, Lauretta! Yes, Teddy is very talented -- a chip off the old blockette! We are also planning do sing a duet at Christmastime -- haven't selected the song yet, though.