Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Will the (Crochet) Madness Never End?

So, there I was happily stitching away on my single-crochet-but-with-fancy-yarn scarf when my crochet book fell open to a page with cute crochet flowers! I had barely mastered the chain and single crochet, but I couldn't help myself, the flowers were just so cute! So I grabbed another ball of yarn (which I had purchased some time ago thinking I'd learn to KNIT -- ha ha), secured my scarf, and borrowed the scarf's crochet needle (it's the only one I have) to give the cute flower a try. Below is my attempt. It's not too bad, if I do say so myself. HOWEVER, it was supposed to have only five petals, not six, so I sure went wrong SOMEwhere! But, hey, now I can crochet in the round, and I've learned the double and triple crochet stitches! YAY ME!

I have the projects all planned and written for next week's podcast, and I think you'll like them. AND I promise to provide the yummy apple recipe this time, no excuses!

After a while, crocodile!


  1. You're doing a great job, Ruthann! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks, LOL. (Says someone who learned to knit and crochet at 6 or 7 years old.) Can't wait for the next podcast!

  2. Podcast is in the works! (Still haven't decided on a Grab Bag topic.) My scarf is nearly three feet long as of this evening. You can definitely tell I've improved from the first six inches or so, but I decided not to rip it out. Maybe adding fringe will improve things after it's all done!

  3. Impressive! Are you going to attach it to a bag or scarf? Tami

  4. Tami, I think I might add a pin and make it a brooch so I can pin it on a hat, a scarf, or whatever! I was so surprised that it looked like the picture (except for the extra petal!