Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy National Quilting Day!

Tomorrow (Saturday, March 20) is National Quilting Day. The third Saturday in March has been designated National Quilting Day. I believe that the National Quilting Association started the tradition in 1991 -- if I'm wrong, please correct me!

My quilt guild, Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild has its bi-monthly meeting tomorrow, so I'll definitely be celebrating. How will you celebrate? If nothing else, if you're a quilter make sure to take at least a few stitches in honor of the occasion.

Here is an original Baltimore Album-style block for you. It's called Lilac Time, and was inspired by my huge lilac bushes in my yard. It's from a quilt I'm making that will eventually belong to my son Teddy. If you are familiar with the fabulous books on Baltimore Album quilts by Elly Sienkiewicz, you'll recognize the format -- the pattern is the same size as her blocks.

CLICK HERE for the free downloadable PDF. Enjoy!



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  1. Thanks so much for the beautiful pattern, Ruthann. Happy National Quilting Day!