Sunday, March 21, 2010

Quilting Fame at Last!

. . . well, at least locally.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I have six quilts in the Belleville Historical Museum's quilt show, which runs throughout the month of March. There was an article in the March 11 issue of The View, a local newspaper, and one of my quilts was prominently featured. The photo at right is a scan of one page of the nicely written article.

And here's the quilt, Funky Button Love. I made this quilt using scraps from another project, and the buttons were a little collection I had amassed just because they are so colorful.

This quilt show allows quilters to put prices on quilts they want to sell, and I decided I'd part with Funky Button Love, not thinking that someone would actually purchase it. Well, now that it's famous it might sell! And the spot on my kitchen wall will be bare until I'm inspired to make another "masterpiece."
Isn't it neat that something made with scraps ended up being successful? Before you discard those scraps from your next project, see if you can find a creative way to use them.

Have a quilty day!


  1. Congrats on getting published!! Hope you do make the can always make another for your kitchen wall (that is IF you have any scraps left, lol).

    -debby, chester ny

  2. I have also made a little quilt using left over fabric from another project and the same buttons. I just love these buttons! Your post prompted me to blog about my quilt. If you are interested in seeing it, go to


  3. I posted a comment to your comment on my blog. I'll recap here: there is a pattern for my quilt, but I have to write it up first. I've found all my notes and the template (it is applique) so it shouldn't be too hard to write up. When I do, I'll post the pattern on my blog and try to remember to come over here and leave you a comment so you'll know to go look.