Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Very Knotty Day

I've been so taken with the concept of the Japanese Knot Purse that I'll be offering my version as a project in an upcoming podcast. That project will also include instructions on how to do the traditional Japanese quilting method of sashiko.

Today I made my version (curved bottom rather than a round bottom). The fabric is one I've had for years, left over from pajamas I made for The Teds in 1995. It's designed by Phillip de Leon for Alexander Julian and is called "Mr. Toad Gets Dressed." Isn't it absolutely adorable? Ted the Elder still wears his pajamas. Teddy has, of course, long grown out of them. I also made him a vest when he was in second grade, and I have the school photo to prove it.

So here's today's Japanese Knot Purse. To give you a sense of scale, the second photo shows my iPhone. I can't believe how cute these purses are, and they're so quick and easy. The cool thing is, my curved-bottom version takes only two fat quarters. Imagine the possibilities! You could make these for craft fairs and bring in a bundle o' dough!
 Now I just need to write the sashiko instructions and finish the tutorial. I'm thinking this will be in the mid-April podcast . . . but it may be earlier.


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