Saturday, March 13, 2010

Podcast 013 - Happy Saint Patrick's Day! ♣

Total length of this podcast: 44:16

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In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, the bumper music for today’s podcast is the traditional Irish tune The Lark in the Clear Air.

CLICK HERE for a link to Loreena McKennitt's Web site. She's long been a favorite musician of mine.

I love M.A.C eye shadows and always order directly from their Web site [CLICK HERE to visit M.A.C Cosmetics]. The cool thing is, they package their stuff really well in fabulous black tissue paper and a thicker black paper. I like to iron it and save it for projects. Here's a photo of the latest packing material (with a piece from some other package, too). Don't toss those wrappings away--surely you can find a crafty purpose for them!

CLICK HERE for a link to Cindy Ferguson's scherenschnitte (papercutting) blog. She offers a free downloadable papercut template each Tuesday, and her work is stunning. CLICK HERE to purchase the book Paper Cuts (in which some of Cindy's papercuts are featured) from Amazon.

This is the papercut I did using one of Cindy's free papercutting template. Pretty cool!
This is the last of my Alice in Wonderland redwork series. You can use it as a centerpiece in a quilt,
and use the others in the series to surround it.
CLICK HERE to download the last of my free Alice in Wonderland redwork patterns. What's next? Who knows? I'll be just as surprised as you!

THE FIBER ARTS SEGMENT [Podcast minute marker: 12:45]

Fabric Postcard

Make sure you take your fabric postcard to your post office to verify postage. I really think it depends on the mood of the clerk what he or she will charge you. I ended up having to pay the same amount of postage as I would an envelope, almost twice the cost of mailing a postcard, even though the post card is the right size and was light enough and thin enough to meet postal regulations according to the United States Post Office Web site. (CLICK HERE to go to the USPS site.) Ah well.

Click the Issuu viewer below to view the tutorial. You can also save it to your hard drive and print it just like a regular PDF file.

If you'd like to see photos of the process, click the viewer below to see the photos.

THE PAPER ARTS SEGMENT [Podcast minute marker: 22:44]

Artist Trading Cards and Envelope

Here are some of my early ATCs. All use my own carved images.

CLICK HERE for a link to a great ATC Web site called ATCs for All. You'll find lots of great information there, and will find many opportunities to swap your ATCs.

CLICK HERE for the Carving Consortium if you'd like to join a soft-block carving group.

Click the Issuu viewer below to view the tutorial. You can also save it to your hard drive and print it just like a regular PDF file.

Note that there is no photographic process for the ACT tutorial because you need to use your own creativity to design your cards!

THE RECIPE SEGMENT [Podcast minute marker: 27:05]

Traditional Irish Coffee (with an origami sculpture by Teddy)


History of Irish Coffee

CLICK HERE for the recipe.

Click the viewer below for photos of the process.

THE GRAB BAG [Podcast minute marker: 39:10]

The above image of the Irish Blessing was made using the free online resource Wordle.
CLICK HERE to create your own Wordle.

Traditional Irish Blessing
May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

And remember
Creativity isn't a race...
it's an adventure!


  1. Oh boy! I just finished listening to your last podcast (012) and I was wondering what I would listen to tomorrow. No more wondering.

  2. Ruthann,
    First, what a grumpy postal clerk you happen to come across. That's really too bad because for the most part I think most postal employees are pretty nice. Although, in my little tiny post office I have a grumpy one too and I hate going in when she's there. She is just really outspoken and I sure don't want to argue.
    Anyway, I think she was mistaken about the little boxes. I don't know the size of the box you tried to send but I do know I've received such little boxes from friends they just make me smile because they are so tiny! Anyway...

    thanks for what you inspire me even though I've had to give up my crafting for my nursing books...why did I decide to do this? I'm wayyyyyy too old for this. God must have some sort of plan!

    Have a good day!