Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Little Cold

It's cold here today (18 degrees), AND I have a cold. I think I caught it from someone I hugged or shook hands with at the funeral Tuesday -- my doctor said no one should be shaking hands right now because too much stuff is going around!

So I'm staying hydrated and warm and taking vitamins and a throat spray called Zicam. (I can't take most medicines for medical reasons.) First thing in the morning I feel pretty crummy, but after I'm up and about and have a cup of coffee and plenty of water, I feel a little better.

Unfortunately this is the busy time for me singing-wise. During Advent I sing at two services a week, and without a voice I'm no good!

The good thing, staying home and quiet, I'm gaining some headway on my Christmas scarf adventure. Here's a photo of two I'm working on at the moment. One is half done, and the other is nearly done. The pink one is the pretty knitted "seafoam" stitch, and the green one is the simple crocheted "mesh" stitch. I plan to add fringe to both of fancy novelty yarn -- you know, the cool yarns that are available, like eyelash. I think that'll be the perfect finish. These two scarves are for two teenage nieces.

I hope this cold disappears soon -- I've got so much to accomplish before Christmas!

Do you have any secrets for curing a cold, or at least alleviating the symptoms a bit?



  1. Sorry you are sick at such a busy time. I think you are doing everything that can be done to aleviate your symptoms though.

    I just finished a scarf in the seafoam pattern too, using a variegated yarn...lovely! Your mesh pattern is also pretty. Isn't doing hand work, whether sewing, knitting, quilting or whatever, just wonderful?

  2. Hi, Jane,

    I often wonder how in the world people who don't do any hand work get through quiet times! I'm one of those people who HAS to multitask, and I always have some little project to keep my hands busy, whether it's quilting, eraser carving, beading, or now knitting and crocheting.