Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Podcast This Week

OK, so now I feel SO MUCH pressure from my fellow bloggers who are just burning up the blogosphere this week! Darla, Jean, Brye Lynn, and Allison all have posted podcasts this week -- so I feel the need to do the same. Even with my weak voice I plan to record tomorrow night (Wednesday the 16th) and post either the same night or Thursday morning. I'm not promising that my podcast will be the same scintillating quality, but it'll at least be posted.

I have my projects and recipe planned, but music isn't done, nor are show notes. I had hoped to sing a duet with my son Teddy, and he HAS been home these past two weekends, but I've not had a singing voice. So you'll get me singing a Christmas song I wrote when I was about 15 years old. Maybe Teddy and I will record our duet when he's home over Christmas and I'll put it in my December 30th podcast.

Yesterday and today I've been a baking wild woman! My family's Christmas celebration is very early this year (the 20th), and Michelle doesn't bake until just before Christmas, so I promised that I'd bake cookies and bring them. So this week I've made Snowballs, Almond Stars, 7-Layer Tortes, Pizzelles, and Mini Pecan Pies. I still have to make my favorite Christmas Cutouts and the Teds' favorites Koulourakia. Below are the 7-Layer Tortes, the Almond Stars (in the bag), and the second batch of Snowball cookies.

And here are the mini pecan pies.

Whew! I am just about cookied out, but I still have more to make.

You know, I don't even eat these cookies, and there's a reason why. After the holidays I'll share a "secret" with all of you -- something that some of you may know about me, but most don't. I've debated whether to share this information with you, but I think I will. It's pretty personal, but I think it might help you to know me better.

I'm still a knitting/crocheting maniac, too! I just started my husband's Christmas scarf, and my mother-in-law's shawl is in the works. I'm not convinced that I'll get the shawl done, but I'll do my best. Unfortunately, I doubt that I'll get Teddy's red vest done. It's one of the few gifts he asked for, but this vest requires immense concentration (it typically takes 13 hours to make this Edwardian vest, and I DON'T want to mess up the really expensive silk fabric I bought).

So. Here's hoping that I'll be in good voice tomorrow night, and my recording session is successful!

Until then,


  1. Every podcast doesn't have to be perfect, you know? Just do what you can. Please don't put too much pressure on yourself. You do a wonderful job. Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh they look sooooo good *drools*