Friday, December 11, 2009

One Scarf Closer!

I just finished one more scarf. This one is for Teddy's Godfather. The yarn is Ella Rae Amity in black, acrylic and wool, and the pattern is from the Crochet Today holiday issue. This pattern is tighter and sturdier than some of the others I've made, but I think that for a man, it's perfect.

So that leaves one scarf (for Ted), and MAYBE the shawl for his mom. I think I'll start the shawl today and see how it goes. It's a simple crocheted ripple pattern. Another pattern I thought I might try is called Broomstick Crochet, which uses one of those enormous knitting needles along with a crochet hook.

I'm still surprised that crocheting and knitting have come so easily to me. Maybe this was just the right time in my life to give them a chance.

Stay warm!

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