Saturday, November 7, 2009

Boring Old Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yes, I complain far too much about Teddy's request that I pretty much stick to Chocolate Chip Cookies (I use the recipe from Baking Illustrated) for his Fat Cat cookie jar. To be honest, the other day he said I could also make my Raisin-Filled Cookies (the recipe is on the Recipes Page), or Greek Sesame Twist Cookies. I make Greek Sesame Twist Cookies only at Christmastime, so he'll have to wait for those. I'll share my recipe in either the November 30th or December 15th podcast.

What sort of cookies do you typically bake during the holidays?

So, here are the ubiquitous Chocolate Chip Cookies I baked this evening. I know the recipe by heart now!

The November 15th podcast script is just about all written -- I have to flesh out two of the segments and record the bumper music. I wonder: Do I cover too much each podcast? Do I offer too many projects and tutorials? Give me your feedback. Maybe I'll make a poll and ask blog visitors about my content.

EDITED: OK, so I just made a poll and tried it out. It can be used only by people who are signed in, and I don't like that -- I'd rather it be available to anyone who cares to vote, and be anonymous. EDITED YET AGAIN: Just found something called, so I created a poll. Thanks for voting!

Have an especially creative day!


  1. I don't think you post too many projects. It's great to hear all of your ideas even if they are not something I would care to do myself. Inspiration for creation comes from all areas, so, although I'm a quilter, I like to hear the other segments as well. My only wish is that you would post more often, which is totally selfish of me, since I'm sure you spend a large amount of time putting each one together. Oh well, we can always wish :)

  2. Thanks! At the moment I know I won't try to publish a podcast more than twice a month. I am amazed and humbled by other podcasters who post every week, especially when they have full-time jobs and/or small children! I am retired and decided to treat my podcast and blog as a job, putting a lot of effort into creating the projects and tutorials. If I decided to record a podcast every week, I'd really have to scale down the projects I offer, and I hate to do that.

    You'll be happy to know that next week's Fiber Arts segment is a quilting project! And I'll be talking more in depth about my Baltimore Album and Dear Jane quilts in future podcasts.

    Thanks for your feedback!