Monday, November 9, 2009


Today I was bored and unmotivated (which is called "ennui"). I tried crocheting (a granny square), but that didn't hold my interest for long. Then I ran to the library to pick up a knitting book they had on hold, and I also picked up a stack of mysteries by assorted unknown (by me) authors. One, which takes place in Scotland, looks promising.

When I got home I saw my pie pumpkin on the porch and decided to roast it. It was fairly small (as pie pumpkins are), so I was worried that I wouldn't end up with enough puree for the recipe I plan to make for my family's Thanksgiving dinner. I ended up with three times what I needed! I'm going to make Jacques Pepin's Pumpkin Gratin, a savory pumpkin and cheese souffle-type dish. I'll post pictures when I make it in a couple of weeks.

So now I'm back to being bored and unmotivated again. None of the projects I have in progress is calling my name. My sewing room is clean and organized, so I don't need to do that. I don't feel like reading. I already watched the season finale of Mad Men OnDemand. What to do?

What do you do to get motivated? Or do you just accept that there are Those Days Of Ennui now and then, and just spend time daydreaming?

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For your viewing pleasure, here's a photo I took a few years ago. Our property backs on a forest which is part of a large park where we often take long walks. Some areas are very remote, and Teddy calls his favorite remote area "Dragon's Lair," and the most remote part of Dragon's Lair he calls "Dragon's Heart." One evening The Teds decided to take a walk, and they got all the way into Dragon's Heart and had trouble finding their way out again as night fell. It wouldn't have been particularly dangerous, but we do know that coyotes live in the park because we can hear them cackling at night. So this photo was taken near Dragon's Lair. The structure you see has long been abandoned.

Here's hoping that my ennui doesn't last long!


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