Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Podcast by December 1, I promise!

Oh, boy -- now I've promised! Life has been crazy around here, what with both of The Teds underfoot for several days. So I will definitely not release a podcast on the 30th. Time just got away from me this past week. I promise to release one on the 1st. It's all planned, but I need to write one more project sheet and finish the show notes. Oh, and record it!

I'm excited about the grab bag special project -- Teddy had a fantastic idea that ties in with my bumper music. Tomorrow I need to do some experimentation to get it right, then take photos and write the project sheet. I don't think you 'll be disappointed!

Ted The Elder is still underfoot tonight, so I can't spend any more time blogging...

Let's hope I get a lot accomplished tomorrow!


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