Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Teds are fast asleep and I am watching America's Thanksgiving Parade on TV (it's broadcast from downtown Detroit). Soon I'll be making the dish I'm taking to my family's Thanksgiving dinner. I'm making Jacques Pepin's recipe for Pumpkin Gratin, a savory dish that's sort of like a souffle. Of course I'm also taking my Parker House rolls, which turned out so well. I found out yesterday that Teddy has invited three people to our little family dinner Saturday, so I made a second batch of rolls last night.

This morning I finally finished Ted's brocade vest. I made him one for Christmas last year, but either I measured his chest wrong, or the pattern was wrong, or maybe the SEAMSTRESS (me!) was wrong. At any rate, the vest was way too small, but too big for Teddy, so it sits unworn in its box. I promised Ted I'd get another brocade vest done for Thanksgiving, so this morning I sewed the buttonholes and the buttons. Here's a photo.

I've made many vests for The Teds over the years. Teddy is known for his vests. The pattern I use for his is Folkwear 222, the Edwardian vest. It's beautiful, but is quite a complex pattern. The one I used for Ted is Vogue 8048, and is much simpler.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving day!


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