Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scarf #3 Is Done!

I'm so proud of this scarf! It is my very first knitted project. I swore that I'd never be able to knit (if you listened to previous podcasts, you know I said that more than once!). And here it is, a beautiful knitted scarf! This is for my beloved Goddaughter whose middle name is the same as my first name. She is very special to me in more ways than I can count here. Maybe some day I'll share a story or two.

This knitting pattern is called "Seafoam." I added fringe with glass beads. The scarf is 6 inches wide and about 72 inches long (including fringe). I used a beautiful yarn called Tatamy Tweed in Electric Blue by Kraemer, and the fiber content is cotton and acrylic. The scarf, including fringe, took almost exactly 250 yards.

Doing a happy dance!


  1. Thanks! I'm about half done with #4, and it's an original design (crocheted). We'll see how it turns out, and if it's acceptable, I'll share my pattern. I still can't believe I'm actually crocheting and knitting!