Sunday, November 22, 2009

This isn't a crafty post...well, I guess it really is!

This is Titus Andronicus on our living room bookshelf. I think he's plotting (check out the book's title). For some reason, Titus has taken over this little space. It's where I have a sashiko mat and some little stuffed "chubby guys." He likes to climb on this shelf and, one by one, knock all the little chubby guys onto the floor. He doesn't go on any of the other shelves, only this little space.

So you know what I'm talking about, here's the space the way it's usually organized. The mat is an easy sashiko project I promise I'll share some time, and the "chubby guys" are from one of Kumiko Sudo's fantastic fiber art project books. If you've never read one, check them out! She has at least 10 books, and I have most of them.

OK, so regarding my next podcast, I'm sort of behind. Funny, because last time I was about a week ahead of schedule! I'll definitely publish a podcast, but it might not be as chock-full of creative goodies as usual. But that's OK, you're all probably overwhelmed anyway, what with the holidays. I promise my Alice in Wonderland redwork, of course, and I'm going to share an incredibly easy Christmas ornament paper project. And of course I'll share the "bonus" project I mentioned in a previous post. But that's all I actually have planned at the moment!

Teddy's been bugging me to make his favorite Christmas cookies, so maybe I'll give in, make a batch, and share the recipe with you.

Stay tuned!


  1. Always looking for new Christmas cookie recipes! I make over a dozen different kinds of Christmas cookies. Most I give away, but we still end up having some left long after New Year's Day has passed. My hint for keeping them fresh that long: the cookies are wrapped in foil & then kept tightly lidded in old-fashioned cookie tins.
    I have an entire huge garbage bag full of old cookie tins that I actually keep packed away with my holiday decorations. Look forward to hearing your next podcast.

  2. Well I think that I will use Teddy's suggestion and offer a cookie recipe I've made for years. I won't tell you what it is yet, so you'll be surprised! He'll be thrilled -- these are his favorite Christmas cookies, although you can certainly eat them any time.